Paysages Désertiques

Paysages Désertiques is a set off five dishes that derives its reference in the natural textures of the arid and desert areas.
Depending on how it is worked and cooked, the glazed clay can take the appearance of a very fine and uniform material, becoming extremely cracked.
Mentored by Formafantasma Studio and realized by Peter Fink, these pieces were exhibit in Museo Bagatti Valsecchi during  the Salone del Mobile in Milano 2015, and in Vip area of the Suisse Pavillon in Expo till october 2015.


Paysages Désertiques Plates

Set of five plates hand crafted.

This project is the result of the experimentation with a particular composition of glaze that cracks when fired, revealing a unique texture each time unique. The fragile appearance of the technique bestows each piece with the invaluable notion of the ability of ceramic to surprise.

Photo Credits: Jonas Marguet